Norsemen's Mead Co

Bringing the ancient art of mead making into modern culture.

Norsemen's Mead Three Flavors in Sunlight in Raleigh
Welcome to Norsemen's Mead Co.

Bringing the ancient art of mead making into modern culture.

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About Us

In the Autumn of 2016, while on an expedition through the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina, three long-time friends made the decision to dedicate themselves to the art of mead-making.  For several years they toiled and studied, learning and experimenting until they had finally created a recipe that they were truly proud of.  From this hard-earned success came inspiration and a new goal:  To expand their operation from a beloved hobby into a full blown commercial meadery, committed to a culture of integrity and a desire to make the purest and heartiest meads around. Today, at Norsemen’s Mead Co. we pride ourselves on what makes us different from the competition.  Specializing in dry and semi-sweet recipes that allow for a more refreshing and flavorful experience, we brew our meads strong, just like the men and women they are intended for.  This isn’t your pompous, overly sweetened, derby bar mead; this is an everyman’s drink, made for honorable, hard-working men and women that want to reward their labors and celebrate their strength with a beverage as honest and bold as themselves.

Norsemen’s Mead Co. is based out of Raleigh, North Carolina, the heart of our state.  From here, we work with a combination of local N.C. beekeepers and U.S. commercial honey producers to source the highest quality honey possible for our meadery operations.  From there, our meads are flavored with real spices and fruit to give you, our customer, the most delicious and refreshing experience possible.  We do not use artificial flavors or syrups, and we do not cut corners.  At Norsemen’s Mead Co. our meads are a labor of love, and we take great pride in the integrity with which they are made. We hope to serve you soon.