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Bringing the ancient art of mead making into modern culture.

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Bringing the ancient art of mead making into modern culture.

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About Us

In 2016, the three founders of Norsemen’s Mead got together and brewed their first test batch of mead. They had tried some of the sweeter versions of mead available in bottle shops and had decided they wanted something a little more true to classic Norse culture. Since they couldn’t find what they wanted on the shelves, they decided to brew it themselves. The initial trials went better than expected, and soon they brought to life their dream of a delicious classic off dry mead.

Over the next few years, they researched the best methods of mead-making and labored to create a few different variations of this excellent beverage to be enjoyed by all over the age of 21. Old Traditions is the perfected version of that first test batch of traditional Norse mead. Nightshade combines notes of cocoa and blueberry into a sultry off dry variation. Mad Harvest brings apples and cinnamon into the mix for a full but crisp flavor. The dream that started with that first test batch is becoming a reality as Norsemen’s strives to deliver quality mead to bars and bottle shops around North Carolina. Inquire about us at your local bar or bottle shop!