Norsemen's Mead Co

Bringing the ancient art of mead making into modern culture.

Our Mead

Mead is made by mixing honey and water and adding yeast. It is thought to be the oldest form of alcohol ever produced. Old recipes, before they knew what yeast were, utilize naturally occurring yeast in old fruits and such. Often the entire honeycomb was used in the production of mead, sometimes bees included.

The yeast uses the sugar to create alcohol, so it’s not always as sweet as you might assume. When fermented dry, what is left are the floral characteristics of whatever flowers the bees foraged from for that batch of honey. This creates a huge range of versatility, since honey will taste very different when it’s from orange blossoms as opposed to blueberry blossoms, or any other plant or flower from which those bees foraged.

Mad Harvest – (12% ABV) is an apple cinnamon blend made from clover honey that will remind you of autumn in the dead of winter or the heat of summer.

Nightshade – (12% ABV) This chocolate and blueberry mead is also made from clover honey and tastes as good as its amber color would have you believe.

Old Traditions – (12% ABV) The classic mead with less sugar than many contemporary variations that can be too sweet. This is as close as we can get to the original way they did it back in Norse Culture.